Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Evolution of Networking Today

It doesn't seem long when I first starting to use the Internet through dial-up. I was around the age of 14 and getting online was once a privilege and was short lived since the phone line was absent while I used the Internet. Fast forwarding about 7 years later everything has evolved in the computer networking world.  There are now faster ways to view the Internet through broadband Internet and wireless. E-mail has become one of the best ways of communication for job workplace and by contacting friends and family.  Our cellphones have been transformed from basic calling to texting, viewing the internet, fast speeds of data usage, gaming, etc.  Almost everyone uses wireless or broadband Internet and most have a laptop for easier access. Colleges are requiring laptops because more information is found online and therefore can be accessed anytime by students.  Teachers use computers to post daily updates from class, notes, etc. to keep students aware of class material.  Books can now be electronically read by e-books.  The wireless industry has grown to almost everywhere you can imagine, including wireless networking cards that can help you get online on the go through a wireless hot spot.  Heck now there is Internet on televisions that Apple has introduced. The way we interact is more developed online by sites called Facebook and Myspace where a user is allowed freely to talk to friends, family, etc. whenever they want.   I never would have imagined this 7 years ago, but computer networking is a part of everyone's daily lives today.  Computers will continue to transform and do more than we could even think of for years to come.  I am glad to be a part of this growing technology that we see today.