Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Future and Web 2.0

As we all know, the Internet has revolutionized better ways of accessing information from locally to the entire world.  At first, Internet was small, inexperienced, and did not satisfy many individuals because plans to make it grow were not well known.  But as time has passed, the Internet has changed in a way not many could have imagined.  The transition for web 1.0 and web 2.0 has made its biggest impact in the past 10 years.  Internet now has become radically transformed in social media and for business that mostly everything we do in finding information now involves going online.  For businesses, everyone now can use certain websites to host their material through a server that allows excellent security.  The addition of social media allows businesses to contact others through enhanced email, instant messaging, tele-conferencing, and so on to make their business known.  Advertisements on Google and Yahoo also help companies get their name out. Businesses can also be formed online.  A few include Ebay and Amazon that are commonly known by most people today. The other ways of web 2.0 include more ways to communicate by Facebook and Myspace.  The user can now express their thoughts by wikis and blogging where every can see what they think and believe.  Even searching for information is organized that almost anyone can find anything they need. 

I believe we will continue to see rapid changes to the Internet as social media grows.  It is certainly nice to be able to do much more than before when finding information was the only Internet capability.  This will continue as our technology expands throughout the future.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pervasive Networking Today

With the way technology has grown over the past decade, not many could imagine how many ways we can communicate today. For the longest time the telephone was the only way we could communicate and we only had one of those in our homes for use. Now the cellphone has been revolutionized not only to talk but to access the Internet. This is an example of pervasive networking, a way of making communication available to everyone through different types of object we use.  The cellphone can be used for many different things besides the Internet which include: gaming, texting purposes, sending pictures, accessing apps through iPhone, etc.  The keyboard used for texting has made it easy to text, using the similar keyboard that we all use on our laptops and computers. Even reading now can be done using e-books that can be accessed online. The kindle is a hand-held device from Amazon that allows a person to read books on the screen. They can be purchased by Amazon at lower prices than normal books. One can't help but think that this type of technology could make publishing become extinct in the next 10 years. I really enjoy having this technology and being a part of this era we live in. These ways of pervasive networking will only continue to grow as we get older.  I do believe it is necessary because communication is important in every part of our lives.  Pervasive networking will continue to be essential as technology trends continue to grow.