Thursday, September 20, 2012

Unleash Your Life!

So I have just finished a new book called Unleash! Breaking Free from Normalcy by Perry Noble and I will first hand tell you that this book is pretty special. The book gives us all a reason to live for the Lord and understand that our life was meant for so much more than "normal". One of the most important things I got out of this book was that God calls us to completely follow Him and His ways and to do that we have to to be willing to let Him in. Perry really drives to us hard that in order to have an unleashed life we have to let go of our past, be willing to forgive others no matter what circumstance, have others in our life to keep us going, and take continuous next steps our walk with Christ.  To illustrate these ideas we are brought to a story most of us know from 1 Samuel about David and Goliath. While reading Unleash! I never thought of how this story with David could relate to us and our walk with Christ, but it does in many ways. I am willing to tell you that while reading you will feel the conviction that your life could always be a step better towards Christ and this book gives us a great reminder of how to do. Perry conveys the message well by allowing the reader to relate to him through his stories growing up with laughs and giggles. His testimony about coming to know Christ is also remarkable. One of the excerpts I found that really hit my heart was this:

      "It isn't about who we are and what we can do but rather about who He is and what He can do"

This is something I have always struggled with my past and trying to overcome it through myself. It is so easy to get lost in our past and continue to let it dwell in us. However the reason this occurs is not a reminder from God, but only through the devil. When we can let go of our past because we know God has forgiven it when we surrender and repent, we can move forward. This has helped me realize that through anything that happens God has a purpose for it. He can turn any tragedy into a triumph!

I strongly encourage anyone that needs encouragement in their life, anyone looking for just more than what life is giving them at this moment, or anyone looking for support to read this book. The book is available on and The sites main site is where you can find out more about the book and about Perry as well.

I hope anyone reading this will consider getting Unleash! and know that Christ has never given up on you so there is no reason to give up on Him. Prepare to unleash your life!

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