Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Cloud and GoogleDocs

Before my MGT 455 class, I had never really been introduced to GoogleDocs because I am an active Windows user so I usually use Microsoft Office.  I have learned, however, that GoogleDocs is a pretty useful too that allows a user to edit documents online.  By updating each document. a user can now have access to everything they work on by means of logging on to their Google account.  The idea of this new way to edit documents is done through cloud computing.  Cloud computing is basically a way for a user to make changes to anything they would like that is within the cloud, which is by an online server.  Some of its advantages include security, up to date saved copies, and easy functionality for everyone to understand.  For GoogleDocs, you can change a file anytime you want without the worry of ever losing the file (ex: your computer crashes). It is also secure by access of having the correct username and password.  Unlike Microsoft Word, it has the simplest ways to edit without too much complexity.  Many users of GoogleDocs enjoy the freedom of maintaining files and organizing in an easier manner with less hassle about how the system works.  It is also good because you can access GoogleDocs on any computer instead of having to access just one computer from Microsoft Office.  Although I am most likely going to use Microsoft Office because I am already adapted to it, I would not mind having files that I would need on the go, such as if I needed my Resume printed for a future job.  Cloud computing is becoming the new norm as companies like Cisco and IBM are making their products and services by it.  It is only normal to say that cloud computing will become the next big thing in years to come.

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