Friday, April 29, 2011

The Nerd Influence

I want to begin this blog by saying this simple statement: we ALL have some sort of nerd in us.  Some won't believe that but I truly believe this is the case for everyone.  When you think of your typical nerd, you think of geeky glasses, jeans and old dirty t-shirts, and most of the time having a lot of facial hair.  But this is not all the things that classify a nerd.  Nerds also have passions for the craziest things and of course nerds are truly smart.  Most will agree that in order to get to Clemson, you have to be somewhat smart to attain a high GPA, high class rank, and a high SAT.  Some will argue and say that they never had to try in high school or that they never study and get good grades.  The true claim, however, is that even if they don't  study they still know the material somehow which makes them smart somehow.  Along with being smart comes having a personal favorite thing to do.  Since we all have grown using the latest technologies and adapted to being able to use them on a day to day basis, we have grown tech savvy, which also contributes to being nerdy.  We all have specific games we love to play, whether it be video games or any game, that also defines a nerd attribute.  As I type this blog, I am using bigger type words, telling me I can speak in an intellectually way.  I will be the first to admit that I am one because I truly enjoy learning about the computer technology  and  learning programming language is a big interest to me.   I don't think that is bad to be a nerd, but there are people that need to admit they do have a side of nerdiness in them.  So in this way we all have the nerd influence, meaning we influence others to be nerds.  Now you can look at yourself and understand that you are in some ways a nerd. :)

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