Thursday, April 28, 2011


So as we have talked about before in class, privacy is one the latest issues people have discussed.  After watching the video on how Google  is running its search engine and how it collects data, I certainly believe everything I do is being carefully monitored.  Every search term I take a part of is collected by Google and they are able to draw information on the type of person I am because of it.  In some ways, I find this rather intriguing because information now days is easily accessible because of the unlimited use of current technology we have.  In other ways I must ask: Is this really okay to hold this much information about myself? Should I be more careful on how I search?  Not only is my information available online, but it also tracked on by my cell phone.  Anywhere and anytime someone could be monitoring the things I talk on the phone with.  There are even some companies out there that have exclusive information about me that I probably have never even heard of.  I find it truly amazing how finding information has become so easy that almost ANYONE can do it.  It doesn't even take a rocket scientist to find simple data on someone because of the means of the Internet.  As some of you have heard, Sony has been recently hacked by a group of people forcing many members of the Playstation 3 to try and secure their information before identity theft strikes hard.  Because of all of these things, I truly believe we can't have true privacy because technology finds multiple ways to disengage its meaning.  

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