Thursday, April 28, 2011

Using RSS Feeds

I have heard before what an RSS feed was, but my MGT 455 class helped me understand exactly what it does and what it is used for.  An RSS feed is a simple of idea of combining news feed material from several sites to be shown together.  One way of doing this is to use Yahoo's application called YahooPipes.  By using this application, we can easily form a pipe that generates specific content to a pipe, which can be displayed on a screen.  On the screen we can find related articles that deal with that sites content, entered in by the user making the pipe.  A cool feature of YahooPipes is that you can filter information you want to see or not see.  If i want to find related articles dealing with the word "sports" from, a list of articles dealing with sports will pop up on the RSS feed. By doing this, you can view any article that satisfy your interests.  Each day, the feed will be updated with current articles.  People that would love this are people that love daily news.  You can wake up in the morning and go to your RSS feed and check to see the latest on your favorite topics of interest.  I was quite intrigued on how simple this is to use and will most likely use this since I was able to make one.  RSS feeds are another way of showing how easy it is to view information at the tip of a button.  The way we can read news that we enjoy is just another reason showing how technology is serving us in a better way.  To learn more about how to create your own pipe, search or go to and look for YahooPipes.    

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