Friday, April 29, 2011

Is Net Neutrality Justified?

The ongoing issue of net neutrality continues to debated over how we use the Internet.  Net neutrality's principle is that government and Internet Service Providers should have not be allowed to control what content we see or have access to.  It basically is a way of applying the freedom of speech context to the Internet.  Many people are in favor of net neutrality because Internet should be looked at as a freedom and privilege to use because it has had a great effect on how people express their opinions and how they use services online.  Internet service providers and the government want to control specific information for specific websites by having their own pipe set up to speed up online use for their own purposes.  By doing this, they are forming a discrimination of online use, which is why people are against the idea.  ISPs supposedly want this because it helps them with competition, but if they control their own content, then we have to pay fees to access certain networks in the area.  It all comes down to money.  The Internet should be a freedom for everyone and content does not need to be monitored.  If this is allowed in the future, more people will also be concerned with what is being monitored, which diminishes privacy.   Unfortunately, I do believe in the near future, net neutrality will truly lose its true form because our government always seems to get their way because of the control they have.

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