Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Disruptive Innovations of Today

As most of us know today, many forms of technology are taking over existing innovations from earlier times.  This is defined as a disruptive innovation.  It's basic idea is that a new product is slowly but surely making disrupting an existing market of a similar product.  In some ways it is transformed completely and in other ways its continuously changed to make the product better.  The original intention of most new technologies is just to make the product better and by doing this sometimes its past product is forgotten.  We are seeing more disruptive technologies surface because of the increase of new technology.  I first remembered when DVDs were the next big thing which completely wiped out VHS tapes.  I also remember how cassette tapes also became obsolete when CDs came out.  But now both of these products are being represented on the web. Now most people will buy music through ITunes or download movies online through Netflix.  I don't believe that this will kill the DVD and CD market, but it certainly is satisfying the customer in a more accessible way.  Overall, the web is changing the way we use existing products and to me it is for the best.  For one reason, the web provides a way of accessing information anytime anywhere and now you can buy products anytime.  It has also increased competition with other companies to get the best product available online.  This trend will grow more as more companies do a part of their business using online websites.  

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